Awakenings Part 4

Adventure Backstory/Flashback Synopsis (Brad):

There are rumors of an uprising within the church. Dark forces are slowly corrupting the purity of our faith, and we must put an end to it immediately. We have recently received word that a rogue agent of House Cannith by the name of Alcanane has been recruited to conduct experimentation into a new form of warforged that can blend in with any race, unseen and unnoticed. We do not know how far along he has come in his research, but our agents inform us that his task is to build an army of these abominations that can infiltrate all layers of the church, and the world beyond, to strike against us at will. Such a terrible tragedy cannot be allowed to unfold. I am not at liberty to discuss our reasons why, but each of you has been sent for to aid us. Others were also asked, but have so far declined – we hope that they will change their minds and come forward in the name of the sacred flame. However, you are enough, and your strength is equal to the task. We are asking you to venture forth, locate Alcanane, and put a stop to his mad research. Gather everything you can from his lair and bring it back here to we can better understand this menace and how to defeat it if we are already too late. I do not ask you to enter into this blindly – Lady Eliura of House Jorasco will accompany you as advisor and healer. We of the church also promise you a reward of 500 gold should you be successful in your endeavors. Beyond that, we can only appeal to your faith in the Church and the voice of the flame, and beg you to aid us in our time of need”. It did not take long for the group to come to agreement. After a short round of introductions and light conversation, a feast was ordered up to give thanks for your valor. You learned much about each other that night, with a little wine and ale in your bellies. There was also additional information given about the likely whereabouts of Alcanane’s labs. “They lie deep within the Seawall mountains, just south of New Cyre and North of Marguul Pass. The exact location is a not knowledge we possess, but Lady Eliura is gifted with rituals that will help guide you once you reach the mountains. You must be careful though, that part of the mountains is overrun with a tribe of savage mountain kobolds who worship the black dragon Faestius. Be watchful at all times and guard yourselves”. The rest of the evening was enjoyable and for the first time you really felt like something of great import was happening in you life, that you now have the opportunity to be the hero and the adventurer that you’ve longed to become.

You walked away believing that your new found friends would be valuable allies in the events to come. The next day you set out with your gear and the blessings of the cardinal, taking the lightning rail from Aruldusk south to Vathirond, continuing southwest through Starilaskur and Sterngate. It took the better part of a full day to travel the 600 miles, even with the speed of the lightning rail at your disposal. The first thing you noticed about Sterngate is the military precision with which its occupants perform their day to day tasks. The place is a veritable fortress, built with strong walls and heavy fortifications all around. You’ve heard of the troubles they often encounter with goblins from the Darguun that erupt from the pass more often than anyone cares to acknowledge, but the people here wear it well and appear unafraid, but prepared at all times for the next intrusion into their daily lives. You stay the night and enjoy swap stories with locals in the pub, learning from one young man that he was part of an excavation team in the mountains, working to build some sort of underground fortress for a strange dwarf and an odd-looking humanoid fellow with yellow skin and empty eyes. He drew a crude map for you and marked where he believed the entrance to be.

The next day you acquired provisions and a mountain yak to carry them, heading northwest along the base of the mountains, slowly making your way up. It took four days to navigate the difficult terrain as you wound your way up and through the mountain range. On the third day you encountered your first signs of resistance. A group of savage kobolds attempted to amush you – thanks to Fangim’s gifted eyes, he was able to point them out in advance though, and it was you, not they who began with surprise. The battle was a bloody one and it took a while for Eliura to heal everyone’s wounds, but you won and were once again on your way [everyone gains 100xp from this remembered battle]. One the fourth day you came to an outcropping rocks that looked like it had been broken away from a cliff face – it just didn’t appear to be right for the area. Upon further investigation you located the outline of a door carved into the earth beyond the rock outcropping. A few of you worked together to open it and were successful. As soon as the door was opened, a rushing blast of green poisonous air met your lungs. There was also the sound of laughing as several dwarves rushed from the interior of the lair and surrounded your position. The world was slipping away from your conscious mind and you did your very best to fight against your would-be captors, but in the end you were overcome and your world swirled in blackness.

The last few hours, since awaking in the tank feel like a blur to you. You have no idea how long it’s been since you first stepped into the Seawall mountains, but you vividly remember everything now… there is no longer any darkness hindering your memories…



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