Awakenings Part 2

From the Journal of Fane (Nate):

Always trust your gut.  That is what I learned on the fields of Thaliost, and it saved my life more than once and more than one good soldier too.  Then I wake up one day in a glass bucket full of cold water and everything goes to hell.  “I should have left the dwarf in his coffin” I said to the others.  Of course I didn’t listen to myself.  Since when do I immediately trust strangers, especially those that hardly say anything and seem much too eager to help out?  Alcanane you son of a bitch!

That was too close.  A blue dragon?  Much too close.  I was clearly out of my element, fighting a monster like that.  I’m trained to lead men into battles against other men, not against dragons.  I just hope the others didn’t notice.  They need my confidence.  Thank the Flame Elrick’s magic was enough to slay the beast… with help from Kal-El’s acid, Ronen’s prayers, Batalash’s dagger, and of course Fangrim’s mighty axe.  I was hardly any help myself, at least with my blade.  I had to change tactics in the middle of the fight after the beast almost took me down.  Positioning myself between the dragon and the magic users proved effective, if not suicidal.  Regardless of my current state, it worked.  Hopefully Batalash will be willing to throw a couple of his healing concoctions my way should we face more threats.

Fangrim dealt the killing blow… I wonder what Jeralt would think if he knew I had faced a dragon and survived?...  and also found that half of the dragon’s heart was missing, replaced by some sort of artifice device.  By his own admission, we are not Alcanane’s first test subjects.  It makes me wonder what he put into each of us?  I need to give myself a good once over and make sure I don’t have any ragged scars from his experiments. 

Now there’s only one thing left to do:  track down that dwarven bastard and gut him… and if the others are lucky maybe I’ll wait just long enough to find out why he took us before I run him through.



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