The Runescar

Brad’s Recap:

This adventure picked up right at the end of the groups first adventure in the Seawall mountains.

After an enourmous explosion rocked the mountains, all members of the party were rendered unconcious. Aphose (a changeling) was in the mountains hunting his former master (the assassin Grolanad) and was drawn to the aftermath of the explosion. Finding several bodies lying in the area, he began to pull them to safety one by one. Sadly, after only being able to rescue two party members, the others were wisked away by a savage kobold tribe – the Greenfangs.

After a brief attempt to parley with the Kobolds, Aphose, Fangrim, and Elrick launched an attack on their cavernous structure. The kobold guards were easy for the group to take out through stealth and maneuvering, but Aphose found himself the victim of a pit trap and was attacked by a rat swarm – he and Elrick were able to beat the swarm back, but not before Aphose came close to facing his own demise.

Character Journals
Journal of Aphose Deathbringer Batalash’s Journal Elrick the Orange’s Journal Fane’s Journal Fangrim’s Journal Kal Elis’s Journal Ronen’s Journal

Once clear of the entrance, the group moved deeper into the caves… finding that the kobolds were quite numerous in this area. Rather than risking a direct confrontation with over a thousand kobolds, the group took a side entrance into a deeper tunnel structure, seeing if they could locate their abducted friends.

Moving deeper in the tunnels below the main kobold santuary, the adventurers were forced to overcome a number of natural obstacles, including deep ravines, broken bridges, and strange fogs. We were just about to make it up to a mist-covered platform when we had to end the session for the evening.

More to come next time ;-)

*From the Journal of Aphose (Brad): *

1st Entry: I can sense his wicked hand at work here in these mountains. Like a blanket of death, his smothering presence can be felt in every crevice of the land. I have spent several days with the Grolcag kobolds of the Seawall mountains… Disgusing myself as a goblin trader has made it easy to infiltrate their small tribe and learn more about the mysterious stranger they often refer to as ‘the tall one’. Used in conjunction with ‘the short one’, and in the context of regular and repeated abductions of tribe members, I can only presume that Grolanad and this other man (who sounds like a dwarf or gnome from the tales they tell here) have been snatching kobolds up en mass for some sort of slave labor, or worse. It took me a while, but I was able to learn enough to discern his likely whereabouts. I am headed there now. I have little doubt that my former master will be surprised and displeased to see me, but then again – hopefully his quick death will be just as surprising to him. To see the life drift from his eyes while I smile into them would give me great pleasure – and I can think of nothing more deserving than an untimely death for this wretch of a man. After what he did to me – even thinking about it rattles me and I begin shaking with rage… To have taken the life of my own father through some great trick of his… but alas, the time is near, and so to is the death of my once lord and forever foe.

2nd Entry: I am sitting here near my fire, rifling through the meager possessions of wounded and unconcious men. One is a human – a mage by the soft look of him. The other is a hearty half-orc who is apparently no stranger to the woods. I found them earlier this morning after tracking Grolanad to his lair. Just as I was readying myself for the last few steps of my long journey, the mountain errupted in a massive explosion, echoing through the air like a crack of thunder driven home by the gods. It came from ahead, where I had hoped to find Grolanad and put an end to my him with my vengeance. Instead, I saw these few, half a dozen of them almost – thrown here and there, battered and bruised, obvious victims of the blast. I was about to leave them to the elements and their own fates when I heard the mage whisper something of ‘the tall one’. With my attention captured, I made the decision to pull him to safety – Only the Traveler knows what these savage kobolds might do to fallen adventurers here in these mountains, especially after all of the suffering they have been put through. Once they wake up, perhaps I’ll learn more…

3rd Entry: We spent much time talking, but they do not appear to know anything of value – but this Alcanane character of whim they speak intrigues me. They are also deeply interested in finding their friends. I was only able to pull two of them free before the rest were discovered by the kobolds. Unfortunately, they were not from the same tribe I had been working with – these were from one of the more notorious tribes of the area – the Greenfangs. With little to lose, and potentially more information to gain, I agreed to help them – wearing the face of Kaleb though. They beleive I am a goat hearder from a local village… It is the best I could do considering the circumstances.

4th Entry: I only have a few moments to rest. We have broken into the greenfang lair. Despite my best efforts I was unable to bluff my way in, so we were forced to fight instead. I nearly lost my life – foolishly to! Had I only taken a moment to assess the situation, perhaps I would have managed to catch the trap that sprung open beneath my feet – perhaps I would have avoided the swarm of rats that pierced my flesh with their vicious claws and gnashing teeth. As has happened so many times in the past, I felt the cold hand of death on my shoulder, but was able to rip myself free of it at just the last second. For the past hour or so we have been following a deep tunnel leading further into the land below. We beleive we’ve been able to avoid most of the inhabitants of the caves we are in, but I think it likely that we will be challenged again soon enough. It is time to go now, we have a bridge to cross and who knows how much more traveling in this dark place will be required before we reach our goal.



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