Session 2-3

Last Cry of the Green Fang

DM’s Recap (Brad):

The Situation

Bursting forth from the watery cavern, you notice the fient light of morning is just beginning to penetrate darkness… pink and purple clouds dot the landscape. Taking a moment to catch your breath and listen for pursuit, you notice the dark flying forms of giant bats streaking across the sky – mounted kobold warriors strapped to their backs. They are some distance from you, but after a moment’s observation it is apparent that they are searching – for you most likely. You check each other to make sure that everyone is okay and ready to travel again. Quickly and queitly you begin making your way down the mountain, doing your very best to avoid notice. It is well into your second day, and you’ve been moving without rest for close to 36 hours now – you are tired, worn out, and your strength is lagging.

You have had a couple of close calls with with kobolds, and with a small troupe of goblins that came through. At one point you were nearly discovered by a giant bat carrying a kobold rider, far above your heads. You don’t think you were spotted, but you cannot be sure.

Character Journals
Journal of Aphose Deathbringer Batalash’s Journal Elrick the Orange’s Journal Fane’s Journal Fangrim’s Journal Kal Elis’s Journal Ronen’s Journal

Fangrim halts the party with a brief movement of his hand, and slinks forward towards the opening of a small cave ahead. A few moments later you see him signal to the group that it is clear. There isn’t much room, but it is enough to accomodate the five of you and your gear. When you awake, you notice the absence of Elrick the Orange from the cave. His was the last watch while the rest of you slept. There is no trace of him anywhere – all of this possessions, including a a few of the groups treasures are gone to. You spend a few moments trying to track him down, but to no avail – Elrick has simply vanished.

Rested, but famished you put aside your concern for Elrick, as well as Kal Elis and Kaleb. You take the time to evaluate the items you recovered from the dragon’s horde and assess their worth to the party. After divvying up the loot, you fill your bellies with trail rations, freshly picked berries and a rabbit stew prepared by Fangrim. It is beginning to grow dark outside again – and as far you know you still have another 1 to 2 days of travel ahead of you until you finally break free of the rugged mountains. You are rested and ready to travel again, but do you set out under the cover of drakness, or do you wait until daybreak to begin anew?

Agreeing that it would be best to wait for morning and deny the kobolds any advantage granted by their ability to pierce the darkness with their eyes, the party waited through the night for the next morning to come before setting out once more.

Meanwhile (Aphose and Kal Elis)

You and Aphose have been on the run trying to avoid detection… At one point a bat-rider was scouting your area and you were spotted. The bat-rider was about to set off to let his comrades know when you hit him with one of your wind power, dislodging him from his mount. Aphose jumped on him and crushed his skull with his bare hand, while you wrangled the bat. You were just getting the bat to settle down when Aphose screamed at you to look out. A javelin went wizzing past your head just as you ducked out of its way. You climbed on the bat with the intention of grabbing Aphose and escaping by air, but with your limited knowledge riding a batlike creature as a mount, you were barely able to control its direction and intent…

The bat hauled you up into the sky and started flying away at a brisk pace – you were holding on for dear life. It took you a few moments to get the hang of things, and once you finally did – you went back to look for Aphose. When you got back, he was gone – there were a few kobolds bodies lying dead and splattered around, but Aphose himself was nowhere to be seen. You cursed under your breath and then kicked the bat back into the sky, heading in the direction that you and Aphose has hoped your friends were moving in.

Back at the Cave (Party)

Having decided to wait out the night and start fresh the next morning, our remaining adventurers split into two shifts. Fane and Fangrim spend the late night hours cautiously guarding the cave entrace. While noises in the night kept them on thier toes, the first four hours passed without incident. Meanwhile Batalash and Ronen spent time discussing the history, theology, and spiritual influence of the silver flame – Batalash also took time to examine the strange headband taken from the black dragon’s lair, while Ronen took stock of the new presence now bonded to his blade.

Later in the night, Ronen and Batalash took their turn guarding the cave entrance. Fane sat back to ponder the strange events that had brought him to this place, while Fangrim took the opportunity for a short nap. Again, noises in the night kept the posted guardians alert, but nothing out of the ordinary happened – until the very early morning hours… Ronen and Batalash caught the whisper of wings on the horizon, while the muffled flow of draconic curses filled the air. Rousing Fane and Fangrim from their resting states, the group peered out to see a handful of kobolds searching the nearby area. In the distance they could also see the dark form of flying bats coursing over the mountain range.

Preparing themselves for visitors, Batalash broke free a sun rod waiting for the right moment to cast it down. Fane, Fangrim, and Ronen took position along the back side of the cavern walls with the hope of surprising any intruder that might enter. Losing patience however, it was Fangrim who accidentally gave away their position when he slipped on a small pile of rubble while trying to get a better view of the situation outside. With a startled cry, the kobold closest to them alerted the others in the area and all within range began to storm the four remaining friends. More than a dozen kobolds came hurtling towards them in the night – some blinking in and out of existence moving around the battlefield with a gift of teleportation, some simply dove forward into the battle with their spears stabbing out to pierce flesh and bone, others came swooping in from above on their giant bats, and yet another – an enormous, well muscled kobold – simply plowed through friend and foe alike to make his mark on the battle.

At first it seamed that the adventurers would have little difficulty winning the day, until the barbaric kobold, wielding two wicked looking axes, came swiping though his own ranks towards the cave. In what is easily the bloodiest battle witnessed by the troupe thusfar, this raging kobold laid low both Fane and Fangrim, while the others were occupied by kobold jumpers. In a desperate battle, fangrim bought his full fury to bare against the seething double bladed monster before him – nearly tearing the huge kobold in half with his blade. In response the furious barbarian lashed out with a raging strike that dropped Fangrim to the ground. Seeing his friend fall, Fane sacrificed his own well being to seek vengeance against the beast, leaping over his fallen comrade and striking deep into the heart of creature. It raged in surprise and then toppled to the ground, landing with a thud atop the fallen ranger. The group immediately set to the task of bringing Fangim back to consciousness, but not before one of the flying bat riders outside threw a fiery bomb inside, and the other two hurled javelins at Fane. Struck by every attack, Fane also fell to the ground, near death himself.

With the cave now aflame, the party’s leader fallen, Fangrim now awake, but trapped under the bulk of the barabarian greenfang; Ronen and Batalash prepared to make their last stand and pooled thier array of healing powers to bring both Fane and Fang back into the fight. At the same time, Kal Elis made a surprise return to the group – darting in on his own flying bat mount, throwing lightning and acid from his dagger into the lead bat rider. Once back on their feet, Fane made a valiant effort (with the assistance of Fangrim) to render the flyers outside irrelevant to the battle – setting aside his own personal safety once more, he made a gravity-defying leap from the cave entrance and onto the back of the lead riders flying mount. Occupied with the arrival of Kal, the kobold wyrmpriest was caught by complete surprise when Fane’s blade sank deep into his back. Trying to take advantage of his position, Fane ripped his blade free and tried to make another desperate attack against the mounted wyrmpriest – but his weight was too much for the bat… it shifted and shuttered, and as Fane raised his blade for a second strike, he lost his footing and fell to the ground some twenty feet below. The wind knocked from his lungs and lying prone on his back, Fane watched the scene above play out with his friends making quick work of the wyrm priest, while the last two bat riders made one last attack against the allies and then fled the scene – likely going for help.

With the situation finally under control, the newly reunited comrades grabbed their gear, rifled through the belongings of their fallen opponents, and made a quick exit from the cave. Knowing that it would not be long before reinforcements arrived, they ran down the mountain with all haste, clearing it just a few hours later. As they looked down onto the welcome site of Sterngate once more, they were startled to see that most of the fortified garrison was in shambles – walls had been turned to rubble, smoke still rose up from buildings that smoldered, dead bodies were piled high and still roasting in flame. After a short discussion with the only surviving officer among the people of Sterngate, the half-elven warrior Lieutenant Lorask, it was made clear that goblins of the Kech Shaarat had attacked in full force just three days ago. Still struggling with the loss of so many, Lorask asked the party to contact Lord Wyraund Valaran in Starilaskur and plead with him to send help. Using the lightning rail to make haste, the group found Lord Valaran, doing as requested. Under the keen mind of Batalash the Kalashtar Artificer and with the help of Wyraund, a caravan of fresh troops and supplies was assembled to begin the trek back to Sterngate. While feeling the weight of their need to return to the Cardinal in Arauldusk, the group also felt deeply moved to return to Sterngate for a short while and help in the initial stages of its recovery.

They are busily assembling themselves for the journey, and preparing for what lies ahead.



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