Session 8 - Return to Sterngate

Adventure 1C (Level 2)

Dm’ed by Dave

The heroes took full advantage of the 24 hours they spent in Starilaskur. After fulfilling their duty by notifying the local forces of the need for aid in Sterngate, they spent the remaining hours eating, drinking, and taking time to recuperate from their last encounter with the Greenfang kobolds. The next day, before hopping the lightning rail back to Sterngate, Fane put in an order for a fine suit of scale armor. He needed something to replace his tattered chainmail and the two gaping holes in it made from the Greenfang javelins that nearly took his life. Fangrim and Ronen stocked up on rations and water for the trip, while Batalash decided to disappear. The others found him in a run down library researching ways to improve the capabilities of his staff. He decided to stay and complete his research, telling the others to go on without him. With Elrick missing, Kal-Elis MIA, and Batalash predisposed, the group was down to three.

Character Journals
Journal of Aphose Deathbringer Batalash’s Journal Elrick the Orange’s Journal Fane’s Journal Fangrim’s Journal Kal Elis’s Journal Ronen’s Journal

Ronen, Fangrim and Fane boarded the lightning rail amid the bustle of a busy day of commerce. Four other passengers of note boarded as well: 4 warforged mercenaries bearing the crest of the railway. Gossip flew like wildfire on the train, but the consensus seemed to be that something or someone had attacked a train the night before. To protect their interests, House Orien appeared to be posting very costly security forces on their trains.

The three heroes arrived in Sterngate several hours later. All three heroes noticed that the warforged guards didn’t get off the train. The fort of Sterngate was in ruins, but the buzz of aid workers and the new garrison set a lively, but somber, tone. A jovial, bearded git named Smitty welcomed the heroes and told them that the new marshal was looking for scout teams to gather intelligence on the goblins. Choosing to speak with Lt. Lorask later, the heroes instead met with the marshal. They were offered 1 gp per person per day to pinpoint the goblin’s locations. A newcomer named Fristan joined them as well. He was rather plain looking, brown eyes, brown hair, but he had an air of confidence that seemed like he might be useful.

They set out in the early morning and began scouring the foothills south of Sterngate. In the afternoon they came upon some ancient ruins of a civilization long dead, but still had found no signs of goblins. While preparing to make camp in the dying light Fangrim spotted the silhouette of a small humanoid on the horizon. A goblin! The four scouts decided to take a closer look and crept to the edge of the ridge.

Looking down into a natural depression they saw a goblin camp of perhaps fifty individuals and a dozen worgs. Fangrim became transfixed counting their numbers, not wanting to make a mistake. Fane tried to assist him but the fading sunlight played tricks with his eyes. Ronen thought it was doing the same to him as he peered over at Fristan, whose form hunched eerily, his nose elongated, and his eyes became beady and dog-like. To Ronen’s horror Fristan had become a goblin.

As Ronen shouted in surprise Fristan unsheathed a knife and tried to plunge it into Fangrim’s back, however, the ranger’s nimble reflexes saved him. As Fristan’s blade sliced into the gravel, Fane and Ronen drew their weapons and attempted to subdue Fristan. Fangrim jumped to his feet and tried to grab him as well. Fristan, however, was no ordinary goblin. His movements mirrored those of the heroes, almost mocking them in his agility. He dodged attack after attack, unleashing quick jabs and kicks, catching the heroes off guard. It wasn’t until he began to focus solely on the paladin, Ronen, that they were able to successfully strike him. Ronen finally fell under Fristan’s relentless attacks, but he was saved by the Silver Flame. As Fangrim and Fane rushed to his side to finish off Fristan, a white flame erupted from Ronen’s blade giving off a feint warmth. The flames quickly washed over Ronen’s body infusing him with energy and mending his wounds. The paladin rose and made quick work of Fristan.

The victory could not be savored for very long as goblin worg riders approached. Fane grabbed Fristan’s unconscious form, bound his hands and feet, and hefted him over his shoulder. They ran back to the ruins they’d found earlier hoping to find some cover their and avoid being caught in the open. Once amidst the ruins, the heroes decided to use Fristan as bait, and so they waited. Several goblins approached, led by a large, muscled savage-looking lieutenant. Fangrim opened the ambush by hurling a small boulder into the brute. In a bold move Fane rushed the flank hoping to draw some of the goblins away from the others. In an equally bold move Ronen did the same by rushing the leader. The battle was swift. Fangrim rushed up the middle taking out three goblins as if they were dried twigs. Fane fought four others, and Ronen stood toe to toe with their leader.

In the end the heroes were victorious again; however, their captive had now disappeared. Before setting off after him they decided to catch their breath and tend to their wounds.



Aphose has been wandering down the seawall mountains and into the lands of Darguun. Having lost contact with his recent adventuring companions, he went into Darguun under the comfortable guise of a goblin trader, with the hope that he could arrange passage to Aruldusk. However, it became quite clear to him that something is happening among the goblin tribes – rumors of tribal warfare and expanding the kindgom are both bouncing to and fro – it sound like the bladebearers are initiating raides along the borderlands and against the wordbearers. Rather than get caught up in another battle that simply isn’t his, Aphose has been on the move towards Sterngate – avoiding any of the more heavily populated goblin camps. From there he can catch the lightning rail and move on – or at least so he thinks.

Session 8 - Return to Sterngate

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