A level 2 Kalashtar Artificer



Batalash’s family tree is rich with history. He carries in his memory the list of names and dates of birth of all his kin born since the merging. His knowledge of this keeps him centered and believing that his place is strong here on Eberron.

Daily rituals of memory and practiced discipline of his arcane arts are his refuge from the every looming insanity that can strike his kind. It is this strength of character and atonement of mind that have brought him out into the greater world.

As a writer of histories and worker of the arcane, Batalash found himself often in need to travel from the protection of his family homes. His way was often marked by his father, who’s business connections often served as trusted places to stay. This network of friends and colleagues connected through a strong bond to the Silver Flame allowed a young Batalash to travel more freely than most.

But it was on just such a trip that Batalash learned how fragile his place in this world could be and how desperate the plite against evil was. Batalash , his father and ten other Kalashtar had planned a pilgrimage to a sanctuary of friends. However, the Dreaming Dark had infiltrated the group of friends and had leaked knowledge of the group’s movements to a band of known only as “Slit.” The groups name appears to only be a reference to the action of killing one by slitting the throat. The group left evidence that they followed The Mockery and The Shadow.

However, the attack was anticipated by a group of followers of The Silver Flame. The battle was intense. Many members of Batalash’s entourage were killed including his father. If it weren’t for the courage of a Paladin of The Silver Flame Batalash would have fallen as well. At the end of the battle he had survived at the cost of a life; A life belonging to a man that Batalash never learned the name of.

As the noise of battle came to a halt the wounded followers of The Silver Flame were forced to flee with those alive and leave the dead. They thought Batalash was dead. Hidden under the body of his savior Batalash was forced to crawl to safety. p. From then until now Batalash has learned to question everything. Hiding from his past and remaining anonymous he is seeking answers. Answers to questions that his knowledge of past cannot bring him.

Vigilant of his allies and ready to face his enemies he knows only fear as a constant companion. His courage to face it each day is what he calls, “The will and the way met for a day.” He is slow to trust and never will he give fully over to it knowing that even the most loyal companion can be corrupted.


At 5’10” and 170lbs you’ll find Batalash normally dressed in leather armor, wearing a sterling silver neckless with the crest of his family tucked inside. He wears sturdy boots and when needed rugged leather gloves. His personal safety is currently his highest priority.

His hands do not show the wear of hard work nor does his muscles show signs of trained exertion. Instead what you’ll notice first about Batalash is his keen eyes, focused and watchful. He’ll often stand listening to people with his head slightly cocked and turned to augment his hearing. However, just as much as he is using his ears to listen he reaches out with his mind. Using his telepathy to learn all he can. He prefers the quiet personal connection of Telepathy for conversations with close friends and never draws attention to himself in public places. Though he is eager to find and slay evil he is wary to engage in fights without proper preparation including proper equipment, intelligence, combat training, escape plans, and with tactics well understood.

The short term goals of Batalash are to establish his skills and knowledge as an Artificer. Long term he seeks to reconnect with his family and establish a more secure reality for them here in Eberron.


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