Elrick The Orange

The Flashy Wizard of Bloodwars


Str : 10 Con : 14 Dex : 10 Int : 20 Wis : 14 Cha : 11

AC : 16 Fort : 14 Ref : 17 Will : 16 HP : 28

Languanges : Common, Elvish, Dwarven, Draconic, Giant, Goblin


Elrick was a boy from a poor farming village. His father was a farmer, as was his father before him. During the spring of his 13th year, his village was besieged by a vile necromancer. Friends faltered and fell around him, only to be raised as skeletons to raid the town. When all seemed lost for the tiny village, a man in a magnificent Yellow robe wandered into town. He spoke infrequently, but when he did, it carried the weight of his organization. He was The Yellow, the eldest member of the Prismatic Order. He walked into the hordes of the undead single-handedly, and with a single flick of his wrist, they crumpled into dust. The Necromancer cried out as The Yellow cast a spell to encapsulate him, trapping him and his wickedness for justice.

The town had lost many of it’s citizens, but among the dead were Elrick’s parents. Without anyone to look after him, he asked the wizard if he could join him. The Yellow merely walked out of town, but Elrick followed him, asking to be an apprentice all the while. Hours passed, and night fell. Elrick continued to ask until the Wizard raised his arm toward a large tower. This tower was painted with every color of the rainbow, a fitting home for the Prismatic Order. This would be Elrick’s new home, and the start of his new life as Elrick The Orange.

Elrick The Orange

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