Player Expectations

Fun: While this campaign guide may have the tone of details and rules, its only intention is to help clarify certain things to enhance the game. Our first priority above all other things, is to have fun! If some aspect of the game, the rules, the campaign, the DM, or a Player interferes with the groups overall level of enjoyment, adjustments will be made. This is about having a good time, so bring a smile and good humor with you to the table.

Group Size: There are six player positions available within the group. A waiting list will be maintained for anyone interested in joining the group when a position opens up, or if a regular player is absent and we are looking for a sub to fill in for that gaming session. You are welcome to bring observers, but there will only be a maximum of six players allowed to play during a session. Observers are asked not to interfere with the party or advise on courses of action (see metagaming below).

Be On Time: Each week, those players who show up AND ARE READY TO PLAY at the scheduled time will be given a Hero Bonus Card. Players that are habitually late may be asked to leave the group. Please remember that this is a weekday game during an evening session between the hours of 6 and 10. More often than not, the session will only run for three hours. In order to get as much done as possible during that time, it is important that everyone be on time.

Be Prepared: Players are expected to have all the information for their characters readily available during a gaming session. You are also expected to have dice, miniatures, counters, rulebooks, paper and pencil, snacks and drinks, etc. and are all set to go.

Be Helpful: Players that go out of their way to assist the DM and/or other players on a regular basis will likely receive extra Hero Bonus Cards for their efforts. Don’t expect to get one for every little thing you do though, your actions need to be worthy of recognition.

Be Respectful: It is no fun when one player tries to control or dictate the actions of another. The game should be fun for everyone. Players are asked to avoid character infighting or engaging in unnecessary antagonistic behavior. Playing your character the way you want to is at the heart of the game, and good roleplaying will always be valued and rewarded. However, if you regularly create problems for other players, then you are probably pushing the boundaries of respect within the group, should back off , and find other ways to roleplay your characters temperament or attitudes toward the way another character behaves.

Share Ideas: If you have an idea for an adventure or something that you would like to see happen to your character (or another character for that matter), or a situation that you think would add value to the campaign, please feel free to suggest it to the DM. The DM will be writing all adventures from scratch, centering them around the history, goals, and ambitions of the characters. Using player input to shape the campaign is welcome, encouraged, and may even be rewarded when your ideas are used (in the form of a Hero Bonus Card).

Roleplaying: This is a roleplaying game, and as such, roleplaying should be at the very heart of it. Your character is your representation in the game world and the manner in which that character engages with the gameworld is up to you. You are highly encouraged to consider the roleplaying opportunities available to you at every turn. Even in combat try to focus on making your actions descriptive – no one expects any of us to be literary geniuses, or capable of writing screenplays, but its much more fun to say “I block the blow with my shield and smash him across the face with my mace” than “he misses and I use an immediate reaction to attack, hit AC 22 and do 12 points of damage”. Yes declaring hits or misses is important, and you need to announce the damage done with an attack, but this should be a footnote to the actions taken. Good roleplaying will be rewarded with Hero Bonus Cards being distributed at the end of each session.

MetaGaming: It is preferred that you do not use player knowledge to dictate the actions of your character unless it is information that your character would rightly possess. You are also asked to respect the physical limitations present in the gameworld – for instance, not advising a player on a course of action if your character isn’t in the same room, or in a position to otherwise advise them in-game.

Player Rolls: All players are expected to roll their dice in full view of the DM and other players. If your roll was not visible, or the value is questioned for any reason, you may be asked to repeat the roll and take the new value displayed on the die. Rolls that leave the die in an awkward state (such as landing in the seam of a book, or against a miniature on the map), or that accidentally land on the floor will be rerolled.

Player Roles: In addition to the role assumed by your character in the game, each player is also asked to fulfill a ‘role’ during the gaming session. These roles include: Party Leader, Time Keeper, Fact Checker, Treasure Tracker, Map Maker, and Combat Controller. Additional roles may be defined later on. At the end of each gaming session, all materials related to your role must be handed over to the DM for safekeeping. This will ensure that the other players will still have access to the fruits of your labor if you are unable to make the next session.

Party Leader: This player need not be playing a leader class. This role is more about representing the consensus of the group to the DM. In many cases, when the DM asks “what do you do” and there are questions about a course of action, the party members should speak to the leader first and then the leader will explain to the DM what the final decision is. This person is also the chief negotiator for the party and keeps track of NPCs encountered and what the current state of NPC relationships are.

Time Keeper: One player will be designated the ‘time keeper’. The time keeper has three jobs to perform. 1) start a 45 minute countdown at the beginning of every combat encounter and let the DM know when the 45 minute mark has been reached. 2) Maintain a time sheet of general character actions during each session – this does not need to be exact, but being able to say “well it took us a half an hour to turn out that room and then another 2 hours to cross the river” is important for story continuity. 3) Keeping track of the games start and stop times during each session and warning the DM and other players when we are within half an hour of our scheduled end time.

Fact Checker: The Fact Checker is responsible for making sure that the rules of the game are properly observed, including house rules. Essentially this person is the groups rules lawyer. If a question about a rule arises or there is confusion about a rule, the fact checker has responsibility for looking up the rule, reading it, and summarizing it for the group while the action continues. In this way, the DM and the other players can continue without interruption. Obviously, the fact checker needs to be intimately familiar with the rules and have the integrity to accurately describe rule mechanics to the group without adding confusion and/or loopholes. The final decision on how a rule applies is up to the DM, and any changes or additional information will be noted in this document.

Treasure Tracker: The Treasure Tracker keeps track of all the items, equipment, and treasure the party acquires. They keep tabs on who is carrying what and helps remind the party when important items may play a role in the adventure.

Map Maker: The map maker works with the DM to map out the adventure areas the party travels in. They also help the party stay oriented and on track in terms of location.

Combat Controller: The Combat Controller is responsible for working with party members to situate their miniatures on the battle map and help identify where they are located at the beginning of an encounter. The combat controller also assists the DM by moving enemy combatants around the map at the DM’s request.

Player Expectations

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