Ronen's Journal

1st Entry

It is only now that I find time to record what has passed since Munno, my master and friend, has pushed me out the door to experience what the world has to offer. Munno said that this world is filled with horrible cruelty and suffering. That there are many who inflict suffering upon others or commit other kinds of evil. Some do it for profit, while others do it because they, by nature or nurture, can. It is unfortunate that in the short time that I have been released under the protection and comfort of civilian life, Munno’s description of the evil in the world has been accurate.

However, Munno was also right about another thing. That there is much good in this world and that the good in this world comes from the acts of good people. I have experienced much chaos these past few days: deceived by the dwarf Alcanane, fighting a young dragon, an explosion, fleeing a greater dragon and finally making our way past the kobolds who continue to hunt us down. Seeing such darkness has hardened my heart and I’ve slowly become pessimistic in my outlook on life. However, this chaos has been worth experiencing because it has allowed me to see that so many moments of chaos and the cynicism it can bring, can be quelled by one act of goodness.

In the cavern where I awoke to a battle between my friends and kobolds, I briefly met a man I had never seen before. I was unable to catch his name. He was kung-fu fighting, and was like a silent cat as fast as lightning. After the kobolds were defeated, we were about to be attacked by the dragon known as Feastus. We ran but the new stranger had stayed behind. I believe him to be dead. I am awed by his courage and bravery and if killed by the dragon, humbled by his sacrifice. It is acts of good, of bravery and courage such as this, that gives me hope that the evil in this world can slowly be vanquished day by day. I can only pray that I may see him again, as well as my new friend Kal Elis…his whereabouts are still unknown. May Bahamut be with both of them and I pray that if they are still alive, that Bahamut guide them to safety.

Ronen's Journal

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