Fangrim "The Wolf" Gwennson

A young ranger in the service of The Silver Flame


Player: Aaron

Build: Two-Weapon Ranger

Background: Aundair (Skill Bonus: Nature)

FINAL ABILITY SCORES Str 20, Con 13, Dex 16, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 8

STARTING ABILITY SCORES Str 16, Con 13, Dex 14, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 8.

AC: 19 Fort: 17 Reflex: 15 Will: 13 HP: 35 Surges: 8 Surge Value: 8

TRAINED SKILLS Athletics +10, Endurance +8, Heal +8, Nature +10, Perception +8

UNTRAINED SKILLS Acrobatics +3, Arcana +1, Bluff 0, Diplomacy 0, Dungeoneering +3, History +1, Insight +3, Intimidate +2, Religion +1, Stealth +3, Streetwise 0, Thievery +3

LANGUAGES Speaks: Common, Goblin Reads/Writes: Common, Goblin

FEATS Level 1: Thirst for Battle, Toughness Level 2: Weapon Proficiency – Double-Axe

POWERS at-will: Twin Strike, Hit and Run encounter: Two-Fang Strike, Furious Assault, Crucial Advice daily: Jaws of the Wolf

ITEMS adventurer’s kit, flask, flint and steel, Shadow Hunter Hide +1, Double-axe, Hand-axe, Battlecrazed Hand-axe +1, Giantkind Gloves, Muleback Harness, 25gp.


Fangrim was born in the village of Wyr, in the province of Aundair. He’s a firstborn half-orc, meaning he was born of one human and one orc parent. His father’s tribe took to raiding Aundairian villages during the Last War. Aundair’s military was so busy defending against Thrane’s advances in the east that the rural villages of the country’s western flank made easy targets for the orcs of the Eldeen Reaches. The day of the raid was a rough one for the Erikson family. Fangrim’s mother, Gwenn, was left at home to tend to her three sons as her husband Roland went off to hunt for food. The eldest son, Andrik, took up his wood axe in defense of his parents’ home, only to lose his life. Gwenn was raped and their house sacked. Fangrim’s childhood was a world of opposites. Fangrim was always a target of Roland’s ire and when he wasn’t, he was simply ignored by the man. The other villagers ignored him as well, except for when they would reprimand their children for getting too close. Dirk stuck up for his baby brother, feeling a need to take Andrik’s place as eldest son and protector of the family. He took Fangrim under his wing, showing him the ways of the forest that Roland refused to share. Elias saw this as treachery. He lost one brother and now felt he was losing another. He talked little to Fangrim and spent most of his time with his father. Fangrim’s mother Gwenn was the most influential. She never once looked at Fangrim differently. When Fangrim became upset with his father or peers, Gwenn would remind him that he was of two parents. Yes, he contained within him the savageness of his father’s people, but he also had her kindness, wisdom, and gentle nature. It was up to him to decide his own fate. She taught him to cook and to mend clothes when Roland took the older boys hunting. He remembered how she used to sing while she did these tasks, her voice warming up the house more than any fire ever could. He also helped her in the garden, for the mysteries of nature intrigued him. Gwenn died when Fangrim was just 10 years old. Less than a week after her burial, Roland told Fangrim to pack his things. A missionary of the Silver Flame was passing through the war-torn nation looking for refugees and orphans. Fangrim rode out of town on the back of the wagon, and only Dirk watched him go.

In the town of Aruldusk, Fangrim found a new home. The orphanage of the Silver Flame was well-funded and the priests took kindly to Fangrim’s nature. Here he was nurtured and his talents expanded. He spent a lot of time tending the gardens, furthering his knowledge of the plants. He also learned about the tenants of the Silver Flame. As Fangrim grew up and the war continued, he looked deeper into the possibilities of the Silver Flame. In his dreams he aspired to be a great paladin or cleric, but when he tried to enter the priesthood, he was denied. Fangrim began to feel the weight of his heritage, just when he thought he was finally being accepted. Fangrim decided to prove his superiors wrong. When the military came to the orphanage looking for recruits, Fangrim snapped at the chance. He spent the next months in combat training, and then was sent north to the front as a tracker. Fangrim proved an excellent combatant and earned a reputation with his troop. However, his days in the military were numbered. One day Fangrim was sent ahead to survey an enemy encampment, in preparation of an ambush. This camp turned out not to be monsters, but rather a group of Aundairians. Fangrim was not about to attack his own people. Disgusted, he resigned from the army and only his close ties within the Flame kept him out of prison. Now, they are calling upon him for a favor…

Personality: Fangrim is good-natured and kind, but generally uncomfortable in social situations. He has trouble expressing himself, so most of the time he stays quiet, and his sheltered upbringing makes him a little naïve. Fang is not the savage that many people believe, and neither is he weak or a pushover. He can more than hold his own in battle and has a strong resolve. Fangrim feels pride and honor are important. He is not ashamed of his heritage, though he considers himself much more human than orc. He believes strongly in honesty and never seeks to deceive. Those who are untruthful do not sit well with him. His trust can be a hard thing to gain, but once he believes in someone or something, it receives his full devotion. He also seeks to help those in need, for he himself was once in such a situation. He models himself after his mother, his brother Dirk, and the Silver Flame.

Appearance: Fangrim is tall and muscled. He keeps his rough black hair short, and lets a beard grow when he is traveling. His orc heritage definitely shows, but he is far from revolting. He has olive skin, bushy eyebrows, and a slightly piggish nose but his hygiene is good. A jagged scar runs his right hand where he and Dirk became blood brothers as children.

Battle tactics: Fangrim’s calm on the battlefield is surprising for his kind. Usually, he surveys the battlefield, using his handaxes from range before rushing to where he is needed. He uses his speed to get behind the frontlines and target the enemy artillery. Some see him as reckless, for he tends to put the wellbeing of his party before his own. When bloodied, his orc heritage can take over resulting in the unpredictable.

Some information on Fangrim: 1) Fangrim’s respect for his mother knows no bounds. In contradiction to the naming conventions of his village, Fangrim took the name Gwennson as his own. He sees no humor in his choice. 2) Fangrim has always been a scared of women. He admires them greatly, but the only one he has ever truly known is his mother. He met a few in the orphanage, but an overwhelming anxiety has always kept him at a distance. 3) Fangrim learned to cook, sew and sing from his mother. The first two he has found quite useful for himself and in the military. He can patch clothes and makes a mean stew. The singing, however, he embraces in secret. From time to time Fangrim will catch himself humming tunes his mother used to sing. 4) In his troop, Fangrim earned the nickname “Wolf,” both for his keen tracking abilities and his voracious appetite. His closest friends call him “Fang,” but otherwise he always goes by his full name: Fangrim Gwennson. 5) Fangrim holds The Silver Flame in high regard, for they took him in when he had nowhere to go. He has many friends in the organization. He considers himself an ally of the Flame, but distrusts the government of Thrane for what they did to Aundair during the war. This is something he rarely discusses. 6) Fangrim’s knowledge of plants and the wild is extensive due to his upbringing both in Wyr and at the orphanage. From this he knows much about nature and healing.


Dirk—A year after Fangrim left, Dirk came of age and went off to join the Aundairian army. He sends letters now and again to check up on his baby brother. Fangrim holds these letters very dear, and though he has not been back to Aundair since he left, he wishes to someday.

Elias—Left Wyr after his father died. Now he resides in Arcanix and is attending the wizard’s college there. Fangrim has not spoken to him since he left, but Dirk talks about him occasionally in his letters.

Harad—Harad is a human priest. He was one of the missionaries that Fangrim met in Aruldusk. He became Fangrim’s mentor, and instructed him in the gardens and the faith of the Flame. Harad also works for the government of Thrane.

Dilidan—a half-elf rogue Fangrim befriended in the orphanage. Dilidan left the orphanage and is now working for some of the Dragonmarked houses. Dilidan is a troublemaker, but Fangrim sees him much as his younger brother.


Fane—Fangrim met Fane after he left the army. Some ruffians were harassing the “orc,” when Fane came to his aid.. The two became fast friends, both feeling wronged by the Thranian military. Fangrim sees a lot of Dirk in his new friend, and he looks up to him.

Fangrim "The Wolf" Gwennson

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